(de)Kode your day with Octane One!

Bikes are the best way to move you around the town. Period. You don't need a fancy, carbon bike with dozens of gears in your commuter. All you want are: simplicity, reliability, comfort! Single speed drive train, multifunctional, beautiful steel frame, drop bar and wide rubbers are all in the Kode's package. This is virtually everything you need to drop in to your daily rides with style! Bike to work, meet your friends, hit the party. And don't give a single "f" about the traffic jams!     This pure single-speeder is built around a beautiful cromoly frame & fork made from custom butted Tange steel tubes. It’s tough, light and rides like a dream. With disc brakes, beefy tires, fender and rack mounts the KODE will be great for many applications. Out of the box, this is the perfect traffic-proof urban commuter. Add fenders if you ride in the rain. Add gears and you get an awesome adventure bike. The choice is yours.   The bike are be available in 3 sizes: S, M and L. For more info about the KODE bike hit the product page . The bikes are available through our dealers and distributors network.  

Meet the OMG!

We just couldn't resist the temptation of sharing you the first pictures of our new, raw baby - the OMG! The new full suspension 29-er from Octane One is still in the (advanced) development stage and will hit the market in spring 2019. This sporty trail slayer's heart is our brand new alloy frame built around a four-bar suspension system with Horst link. The OMG’s suspension has got very good kinematics - it’s sensitive in all the travel range but doesn’t bottom out easily. The bike will be available in 3 sizes: S, M and L. The geometry will be up to date with the "long, low and slack" mantra. Don't be fooled by the sample bike's specification - we plan too keep things more economic and hit the market with an RRP below €2000. That obviously doesn't mean compromising the functionality and the fun factor of the bike (dropper post included). Stay tuned for more info about the OMG, which will be published in the following weeks!  

Grinding gravel with the Gridd!

We present to you - the GRIDD - our gravel frozen blue gravel grinder! The GRIDD was designed by the same RnD team responsible for the award winning Rondo Ruut bikes and NS Bikes RAG+. Compact and vivid geometry (not a typical "granny bike" geo, that you can find in a lot of gravel bikes out there), 1x11 drivetrain from SRAM, fast rolling Kenda Flintridge gravel tires, disc brakes and carbon fork is all you need to ride all your favourite gravel and forest paths. Looking for a longer bike trip? No problem - the GRIDD got all the rack, bottle and mudguard mounts you will need, so it can be easily adapted for an adventure machine. There is also a lot of room for bigger volume tires (even 650b x 48C) if you plan to ride in rougher terrain. If you want to know all the technical details of the GRIDD - go to the product page. The product is also available as a frame set. The GRIDD's are available through our dealers network or our online shop!

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