You will find the warranty conditions with every Octane One product that you purchase. Please make yourself familiar with this. To make life easier, here we will present the basic info in an easy to understand FAQ form.

Warranty in our business is a difficult issue – the reason being that anything can be broken, even if it’s a perfectly good product. On the other hand, we really want to make sure that you are treated fairly, therefore a lot of cases will be judged individually.

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What do I need to make a warranty claim.

You must have the proof of purchase and you must be the original (first) owner of the product. The proof of purchase is a filled in warranty card together with the receipt or invoice.

What is the warranty period on your products?

All Octane One products have a one year warranty. Some may say that this is not a long time, but we think that it"s better to give you a clear and solid one year deal than a vague lifetime warranty that has dozens of factors that will void the warranty. We have seen warranties on dirt jumping products that say that the warranty will be void if “the bicycle is used for acrobatic stunts”!

What kind of problems does the Octane One warranty cover?

The following parts do not classify for warranty replacement: bearings, chains, chainrings, brakepads, tires, tubes, decals, saddle covers, grips. Damage to these parts is almost always a result of normal wear and tear, and they should be replaced by the user when they become worn out. The following types of damage does not qualify for warranty replacement: discolorations, damaged surface finish, dents, bent parts, damaged resulting from incorrect assembly or improper use. The general rule is that we will replace parts that are damaged due to normal riding (even if it"s heavy duty riding). However parts that are damaged due to crashing, throwing the bike or casing jumps will not be replaced. Damage resulting from this kind of total overload can be replaced under the Crash Replacement policy. In other words, we will warranty most cracks in products for a one year period, but we will not warranty bends, dents or parts that are ripped apart.

Can I modify your products?

Our official position is NO!! We strongly discourage you from making any changes in the products for safety reasons. Remember that tampering with the products means that you are taking a big risk that the product will fail and you will hurt yourself seriously. However we won"t make artificial problems with the warranty – for example, if you cut your dropouts and the frame cracks at the headtube, we will warranty the frame. But if you cut off the cable guides, damage the tube and it cracks – then we won"t warranty that case.

What is Crash Replacement?

Damage resulting from crashing, casing jumps or throwing the bike won"t be covered by the normal warranty, but we do offer the possibility to replace the product for 50% of the original suggested retail price. There are a few conditions:
– we reserve the right to deny Crash Replacement without explaining our reasons.
– Crash Replacement does not apply to parts damaged in other situations than riding – for example if a car runs over your bike, CR won"t apply!
– Crash Replacement does not apply to complete bikes. It only applies to components made by Octane One that are mounted in the bikes, for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

I have a problem with your product - what should I do next?

1. Find the documents for your product. Read the warranty conditions, and decide if the problem could potentially be classified as warranty.
2. Make a photo of the problem and send an email to the company that sold the product to you, asking them what you should do.
3. Most probably, they will ask you to send the damaged product for inspection to them, or to your national distributor. Remember to make sure that you put the proof of purchase, warranty card and your contact details in the box!
4. If you have problems with any of the above, contact us via our Contact Page.


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