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Barcelona Trip

It is this time of year again. The typical polish spring weather outside is not making your life easier with rain, snow and low temperatures.   But you do not worry about it at all. You know that tomorrow you and your buddies will be shredding your brand new bikes in the perfect sunny weather and some epic spots.     Barcelona has been one of the riders favorite pre-season destinations for a couple of years now. Perfect weather, great people, amazing dirt and street spots are only a few cool things this place has to offer.     This year our Octane One team rider - Paweł Turno decided to take our brand new 2014 Zircus and see how it will handle the famous big bangers at La Poma bike park.     As you can see the both Paweł and the bike did great.     See you next spring in Barcelona! Photos: Kuba Konwent

Kuba Grudziński 3rd at Joyride Fest!

Our Octane One team mate - Kuba Grudziński landed on the 3rd podium spot at the Joyride Fest slopestyle contest. The only riders who were better that day were Jakub Zejda and Daniel Zawistowski. Congratulations!   Full results in PRO category: 1. Tomas Zejda 2. Daniel Zawistowski 3. Jakub Grudziński 4. Jakub Adamski 5. Karol Pełka 6. Kuba Sidzina 7. Marcin Roteiro 8. Adam Glosowic 9. Filip Soczyński 10. Viliam Krizan 11. Roman Pichnarcik 12. Damjan Sirski 13. Oskar Sontag 14. Kacper Matowicki 15. Szymon Miłosz

A single speed Fuzz

Check out this one of a kind NS Bikes Fuzz bike fitted with some Octane Oneparts which Sam Pilgrim (Official Sam Pilgrim Page) prepared for the Nine Knights event.

“The Bike Brothers” with Kuba Grudziński

Our Octane One team rider - Kuba "Grudzin" Grudzinski has been selected as one of the guest riders for the new "The Bike Brothers" video which will feature Szymon and Dawid Godziek. Congrats mate and we can't wait to see the full vid. Read the full story here.

Video: Ink Vibrations – Nuno Pintas

Check out this brand new video shot for Ink Vibrations featuring our NS Bikes / Octane One / High Ride team rider from Portugal - Nuno "pintas" Barroso.  

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