Bike check: Void from France

Next up is this really cool bike built on a teal Octane One Void 3.0 frame sent to us by Guillaume from France.


Frame: Octane One Void 3.0
Fork/shock: Rock Shox argyle rct
Headset: Dartmoor Prime
Bars: Octane One Chemical 25,4
Grips: Odi
Stem: Dartloor funky
Cranks: Eclat Tibia
Sprocket: no brand
Chain: Odissey
Pedals: Macneil
Seat: Total bmx
Seatpost: Octane One


Front wheel
Hub: Octane One Orbital 20mm
Rim: Dartmoor Raider
Spokes: Sapim
Tire: Khe mac 2 dirt


Rear wheel
Hub: Octane One Orbital ss pro
Rim: Dartmoor Raider
Spokes: Sapim
Tire: Khe mac 2

Weight: 11,5kg

Bike check: Void from Poland

We start of this bike check competition with this Gold Void 3.0 sent by Mateusz “Czeko” Klugmann from Poland.


Frame: Octane One Void 3.0 2013
Fork/shock: Manitou Circus Expert 80mm
Headset: Dartmoor Prime
Bars: Spank Tweet Tweet 70
Grips: Sam Pilgrim Legend
Stem: Dartmoor Funky
Cranks: Shimano SLX
Sprocket: Shimano 32T
Chain: Sram PC-830
Pedals: Dartmoor Stream
Seat: Earthworks pivotal
Seatpost:Octane One pivotal


Front wheel
Hub: Hope Pro 2 EVO
Rim: Dartmoor Fortress 26″ 36h
Spokes: Sapim Leader
Tire: Kenda SBE 26×2,10


Rear wheel
Hub: NS Bikes Coaster SS
Rim: Dartmoor Fortress 26″ 36h
Spokes: Sapim Leader
Tire: Kenda SBE 26×2,10

Weight: ~12kg

Freeride components testing

Our good old friend Junior from FreeWay decided to test a couple of Octane One parts in his NS Soda FR bike. He has been using the new EVO Chainguide and EVO chainring for quite a while and soon will send us a full review.

Here is a small sneak peek with a couple of riding photos.



Octane One – Dirt/Street components

New, refreshed and stylish. Check out what we have prepared for the 2014 season in the dirt and street parts department at Octane One.


Chemical 25.4 stem

Proven at many top FMB events. Incredibly strong, stiff and lightweight. With a really low profile can be also used upside down to lower the cockpit height. Works great with a gyro hydraulic rotor as seen on Sam Pilgrim’s bikes.


Rocker, Pivotal and Combo seats

Following the trends in the saddle department the 2014 Combo features FAT Padding and wider profile for better comfort. The Pivotal seat is also wider then before and received a stronger base construction which prevents damage like cracked or bent seat nose. The Rocker received a slightly narrower profile with mid-thick padding. Now the lighter and smoother Rocker is an ideal all-round seat.


Integral headset

Brand new headset for alloy frames like Octane One Zircus and NS Bikes Decade. Equipped with durable sealed bearings and CNC machined crown race with a special cut allowing super easy installation. All Octane One headsets come with a star nut and a set of spacers.


Bolt-On grips

Must have grips for all high-end dirt/street bikes. Equipped with two aluminium bolt collars that keep them firmly fixed in place. Made from quality Kraton soft rubber with super comfortable mushroom style pattern. Available in two sizes with a long 145mm version for wide bars.


Static Pro pedals

Completely redesigned for 2014. Feature light & strong big size / low profile CNC’ed platform built on high quality sealed bearings & bushings. Thanks to their great grip and super low weight (405g) can be used for dirt, street as well as freeride and downhill.


3PCS / 3PCS Pro / 2PCS cranks

Light and strong cranks proven over the years. Feature smooth looks and durability thanks to their square profiles. In 2014 offered without the bottom bracket assembly which is now sold separately in all popular Spanish, Euro and external standards.


Bike check: Spark from Brno

The last entry in this bike check competition that we have selected comes from Brno, Czech Republic. This cool 2014 Octane One Spark was send to us by Daniel. The bike that receives the most likes on our fanpage in the next 24 hours will win some cool Octane One stuff. Here are the specs.

Frame: Octane One Spark 2014
Fork: Identiti Rebate Park
Headset: Prestine integrated
Bars: Dartmoor Toxic
Grips: ODI Longneck
Stem: NS Bikes Quark Pro
Cranks: éclat Tibia
Sprocket: Salt Plus
Chain: KMC K-710
Pedals: NS Bikes Aerial
Seat: 34R pivotal
Seatpost: pivotal

Front wheel
Hub: Odyssey Vandero V2
Rim: AGang Reverse
Spokes: black
Tire: DMR Supermoto 24×2.1

Rear wheel
Hub: Author
Rim: AGang Reverse
Spokes: black
Tire: DMR Supermoto 24×2.1

Weight: ~11 kg

Bike check: Void from Berlin

This golden Void 3.0 is a real head turner. It was send by Marco from Berlin. Here is the full bike check and some great photos.

Frame: Octane One void 3.0 2013
Fork/shock: Rock Shox Argyle RCT 100mm
Headset: Octane One Warp 1 Integrated
Bars: NS Bikes Proof, Silver Snow, 2012
Grips: ODI Longneck white
Stem: Octane One Chemical Pro
Cranks: Octane One 3PCS
Sprocket: Spank Tweet Tweet white
Chain: BMX, KMC Z-610 HX, white
Pedals: Octane One Static
Seatpost: Noname
Brake: Avid Elixir CR
Disc: Dartmoor Nano

Front wheel
Hub: NS Bikes Rotary 20
Rim: NS Bikes Fundamental Felge 2013 – 26 Zoll
Spokes: Sixpack, double butted, white (golden nipple, every fourth: black)
Tire: Halo Twin Rail 2,2 Zoll

Rear wheel
Hub: NS Bikes Rotary Singlespeed Pro Disc
Rim: NS Bikes Fundamental Felge 2013 – 26 Zoll
Spokes: Sixpack, double butted, white (golden nipple, every fourth: black)
Tire: Halo Twin Rail 2,2 Zoll

Weight: 12-13 kg


Bike check: Spark from Moscow

We start another bike check competition with this sick Octane One Spark build from Moscow. We really dig this industrial climate. Below you will also find a riding video.


Frame: OctaneOne Spark
Fork/shock: RockShox Sektor RL
Headset: OctaneOne
Bars: NS Proof
Grips: Kink Alpha
Stem: NS Quark Pro
Cranks: Shimano SLX
Sprocket: Blackspire 26T
Chain: KMC
Pedals: HT
Seat: Federal
Seatpost: Macneil

Front wheel
Hub: Dartmoor B-15
Rim: Alienation Deviant
Spokes: DT Champion
Tire: KHE Dirt

Rear wheel
Hub: Quando Q-lite + NS Rotary axle
Rim: Alienation Skylark
Spokes: DT Champion
Tire: KHE Dirt
Weight: 10.0kg

Some riding clips:

RMC Video Contest 2013 – Кот from Кот on Vimeo.

Sam Pilgrims limited edition signature bike

NS Bikes has just released Sam Pilgrim’s signature bike equipped with Octane One components. This is a very limited edition with only 15 bikes made.

For more details and information about how to get one visit:

The Cali Trip – Part 1

‘The Cali Trip’ for UK Dirt Jumpers Sam Pilgrim, Danny Pace and Adam Williams is now in its 5th year running and as a mecca for Dirt Jumping, California provides the perfect mix of trails, trick jumps, skateparks and just about everything in between. This year the group was completed with Sam Reynolds, making it his second year on the trip and newcomers Daryl Brown and Canadian Matt Macduff.


As with the previous years, we rented an RV in order to travel wherever we wanted to and not have to worry about hotels. Walmart parking lots and beach fronts made for nice RV parks with all the essentials (Restrooms, cold, outdoor showers and morning wifi sessions.) With 7 people and 7 bikes it was cosy to say the least.



Fully extended NFC

Whipping out



Flip Indian NFC


Superman seatgrab
Flip Tuck
Flip whip on the step up






There will be a video of the trip coming in Part 2, so stay tuned.

Bike check competition #1

Ok guys. Let’s get started with the 2014 Octane One bike check competition. Similar as on NS Bikes we will be posting 3 selected bikes twice a week. The bike that gathers most likes within 24 hours wins.


First off is Octane One Spark sent to us by Kristijonas.


Frame: Octane-One Spark 2013
Fork/shock: id Rebate
Headset: Blank integrated
Bars: Octane-One CHEMICAL
Grips: ODI Longneck
Stem: Octane-One Chemical PRO
Cranks: Stolen MOB Cranks
Sprocket: Odyssey vermont
Chain: Dartmoor Core
Pedals: Octane One Nylon
Seat: Federal Slim Pivotal
Seatpost: Octane-One Nylon

Front wheel
Hub: Salt Trapez
Rim: SunRims Rhyno Lite
Spokes: random
Tire: Maxxis – Holly Roller

Rear wheel
Hub: NS Bikes – Coaster
Rim: NS Bikes – Fundamental
Spokes: random
Tire: Maxxis – Holly Roller
Weight: 11kg



Next in line in today’s bike check competition is the 2011 Octane One Void from Wiktor from Essex, UK.


Octane One Void 3.0 2011 frame
NS Bikes Proof bars 2012
Octane One stem
Odi longneck pro grips
Octane One Integrated headset Warp-1
Marzocchi Dirt Jumper 1 2012 forks
Octane One 2-pcs pro cranks + bottom bracket 2013
Gusset mx heavy duty chain
Premium Gnarstar Sprocket 30t
Octane One nylon pedals
Woodman Bill Single Rear Hub Solid Axlen 36h 13t
Halo spin doctor 36h 20mm front hub
Mavic rims EX 325 Disc
DT Champion spokes
Schwalbe table top kevlar tyres
DMR lockjaw pivotal seatpost
Subrosa pivotal seat
Gusset chute disc brake
Weight: ~12.5kg



The last bike chosen by our team for today’s bike check competition is this sweet gold 2013 Octane One Void 3.0 sent by Jose.


Frame: Octane One void 3.0 2013
Fork/shock:I dentiti Rebate 1420 XL
Headset: Octane One warp integrated headset
Bars: BlkMrkt Moly hatchet 3″rise
Grips: Blank
Stem: Stolen convict top loader
Cranks: Salt Plus
Sprocket: Shadow conspiracy 25t
Chain: KMC 410 single link
Pedals: Stolen thermalite
Seat: Federal Fat pivotal seat
Seatpost: brandless Pivotal

Front wheel
Hub: Gurpil 20mm hub
Rim: Gurpil DH 32h
Spokes: The ones the local bike shop uses
Tire: United demolition cruiser tire 2.3

Rear wheel
Hub: Shimano Via-m
Rim: Disc bull DH32h
Spokes: The ones the local bike shop uses
Tire: United demolition cruiser tire 2.3

Weight: light