Sam Pilgrim’s Bangers Tour #4

The 4th episode of Sam Pilgrim‘s Bangers Tour has been filmed atCrankworx – Les 2 Alpes in France and is definatelly one of the best edits from the 2015.

Featuring: Sam Pilgrim, Sam Reynolds, Ben Deakin, Aspect Media,Bernard Kerr, Yannick Granieri plus clips of loads of other rad guys!



The 2016 NS complete bikes with Octane One components

The brand new range of NS complete bikes has been equipped with our Octane One components. Check out this ‪#‎camo‬ O1 Combo seat on the 2016 NS Bikes Soda Slope and the rest of the models on


Kuba Grudzinski – Skatepark sesh

The days are getting really short right now. It is good to have a proper skatepark nearby. Kuba “Grudzin” Grudzinski dropped us this cool footjam photo taken by DambakPhoto.

Check out some of the recent photos below and if you wonder what setup Kuba is running on his Decade here is a complete bike check.

Bike check: NS Majesty – Sam Pilgrim

The guys from Monster Energy caught up with Mountain biking legend Sam Pilgrim at his own event the Sam Pilgrim Invitational this summer to chat about the ride that keeps landing him those bangers!


Sam Pilgrim Invitational


So compared to my height this is actually a pretty tiny bike… but that’s the way I like it! It’s a Majesty Park Edition, all the parts are NS, wheels are from Halo, Suspension from Marzoochi, and the tyres are continental.


Sam Pilgrim | My Ride


I have Marzoochi slope forks and I have them as hard as I can make them as I don’t really need suspension and I like to keep my speed. I also keep my tyres really hard – 90 PSI – makes me roll faster!


Sam Pilgrim | My Ride


I’ve done a little trick with my Cranks – I don’t put the spacers in the bottom bracket so that when I tighten my cranks up it sort of breaks the bearings which means my cranks don’t spin  so when I take my feet off, they don’t move!


Sam Pilgrim | My Ride


When asked about the best feature of his bike the reply was ‘the grips of course, they are rad because they have my name on there! I also have a hydraulic gyro so that I can do unlimited spins of the handlebars which is super good for contests!


Sam Pilgrim | My Ride


Pilgrims plans for next season:

Do my bangers tour again but bigger and better next year.  This year was a tester and it worked really well! I am also going to head out and do all the contests!


We cannot wait to see what Pilgrim has in store for us next season but we know it’s going to be rad! Check out his latest bangers tour episode here. 

Throwback Thursday

Video: Pawel Stachak – Autumn Bangers

Paweł Stachak‘s Autumn Bangers video is here. Great style, big ticks and a brakeless NS Bikes Capital equipped with our Octane One components.

Song: The Rival – Revolution
Video by Evil Wolf Studio


Also check our the backstage photos from Adam Paruch


Pawel Stachack – Piano ride teaser

Here is a short teaser of Paweł Stachak‘s GoPro edit by Dirt It More that we made after building this amazing course for the Red Bull‘s Piano Ride video.

Kuba Grudzinski – Masters of Dirt Vienna – Video Contest

Kuba “Grudzin” Grudzinski from our Octane One / NS Bikes team is trying to get in to the Masters of Dirt Vienna. Help him out by clicking like under the video.

Maciej Mizera visits Octane One office

Maciek Mizera stopped by our office lately and decided to visit some local spots on his golden NS Decade equipped with our Octane One components.


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Sam Pilgrims How-to 2015 #2 – Wheelie

This week’s How-To video from Sam Pilgrim is all about the wheelie. Watch the video and get out there and try it yourself.