Bike check: NS Majesty – Sam Pilgrim

19 November 2015

The guys from Monster Energy caught up with Mountain biking legend Sam Pilgrim at his own event the Sam Pilgrim Invitational this summer to chat about the ride that keeps landing him those bangers!


Sam Pilgrim Invitational


So compared to my height this is actually a pretty tiny bike… but that’s the way I like it! It’s a Majesty Park Edition, all the parts are NS, wheels are from Halo, Suspension from Marzoochi, and the tyres are continental.


Sam Pilgrim | My Ride


I have Marzoochi slope forks and I have them as hard as I can make them as I don’t really need suspension and I like to keep my speed. I also keep my tyres really hard – 90 PSI – makes me roll faster!


Sam Pilgrim | My Ride


I’ve done a little trick with my Cranks – I don’t put the spacers in the bottom bracket so that when I tighten my cranks up it sort of breaks the bearings which means my cranks don’t spin  so when I take my feet off, they don’t move!


Sam Pilgrim | My Ride


When asked about the best feature of his bike the reply was ‘the grips of course, they are rad because they have my name on there! I also have a hydraulic gyro so that I can do unlimited spins of the handlebars which is super good for contests!


Sam Pilgrim | My Ride


Pilgrims plans for next season:

Do my bangers tour again but bigger and better next year.  This year was a tester and it worked really well! I am also going to head out and do all the contests!


We cannot wait to see what Pilgrim has in store for us next season but we know it’s going to be rad! Check out his latest bangers tour episode here. 


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