Grinding gravel with the Gridd!

20 July 2018

We present to you – the GRIDD – our gravel frozen blue gravel grinder!
The GRIDD was designed by the same RnD team responsible for the award winning Rondo Ruut bikes and NS Bikes RAG+. Compact and vivid geometry (not a typical “granny bike” geo, that you can find in a lot of gravel bikes out there), 1×11 drivetrain from SRAM, fast rolling Kenda Flintridge gravel tires, disc brakes and carbon fork is all you need to ride all your favourite gravel and forest paths.

IMG_5359 web

Looking for a longer bike trip? No problem – the GRIDD got all the rack, bottle and mudguard mounts you will need, so it can be easily adapted for an adventure machine. There is also a lot of room for bigger volume tires (even 650b x 48C) if you plan to ride in rougher terrain.
If you want to know all the technical details of the GRIDD – go to the product page. The product is also available as a frame set. The GRIDD’s are available through our dealers network or our online shop!

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