Video: The Rise at the Ghetto Playground

26 June 2013

This was just a matter of days untill we see Matt Macduff riding with his crew from The Rise back in Canada. Here is one of their new edits which Matt, Louis Lhomel and Michel Plonka made at the random abandoned parking lot.



When you’re out there looking for street spots, sometimes the simpliest things happen to be awesome.

We’ve been passing in front of this adandoned parking lot almost everyday without even thinking about it, but we finally decided to go check it out. A bunch of stacked up benches and rough asphalt didn’t look to appealing at first but ended up being so much fun. Riders are Louis Lhomel, Matt Macduff and Michel Plonka.

Song: Killer Mike – Butane

Video: The Rise Barcelona Invierno Zircus
Video: The Rise Barcelona Invierno

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