Trailer: Balling Out of Control Trip

25 September 2013

This is the trailer of one of Lama’s most gnarly roadtrips ever! Matt Macduff (Octane One), Parappa (LamaCycles Distribution / NS Bikes) and Louis Lhomel (LamaCycles/NS Bikes) went on an outta control roadtrip from Montreal to Quebec City to Sherbrooke and back to Montreal hitting every single spot and party on the way!

Videographer: Louis Lhomel

Balling Out Of Control Trailer on Pinkbike


Louis scopping out the high ledge for some nose manual action.


Nose manual bail

First try didn’t go as planned.


360 tuck no-hander

360 tuck no-hander in the bank for Parappa.


Clocking clips.


Wallride euro

Fast and stylish wallride to euro for Louis.


 La Boulette

Louis’ latest trick invention, “La Boulette”!


Parappa not sure if this very tight wallride is possible.


Tight wallride



Parappa doesn’t seem to have a problem getting in tight stuff!

All photos courtesy of VAQ. Check their blog out for some exclusive footage from the Quebec scene!



Full video coming out soon, so stay tuned, stay true!



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