Who the hell is Filip Skowron?

27 April 2016

The guys from PlusSizeBMX made this interview with Filip Skowron shortly after we announced his cooperation with Octane One. If you do not know who the hell is Filip Skowron it is time to change that and read the interview below.


No stranger to big jumps. filip skowron


Who the Hell is Filip Skowron? He is a young bloke from central Poland with big dreams and even bigger work behind himself to make them come true. A great piece of a human with a plan to have fun during any type of riding bikes. With no more fuzz, please welcome Filip Skowron interview:

PSBMX: Whats up? Please, introduce yourself to us, tell us where do you come from and for how long do you ride a bike?

Filip Skowron: Hi, my name is Filip Skowron, I’m 18 years old and come from a small town of Skarżysko-Kamienna in central Poland. I ride bikes for 7 years already.

How did you start riding and from where it came from?

When I was still in elementary school, in the woods near my home some guys jumped on bikes on their DIY spot. I was psyched because I always used to come there with my dad and I watch them. Soon after this times, I got my first bike and so this is more or less how it started.

Do you have a team to ride and shoot with?

One of my biggest problems is that I do not have too much people to ride with. Even a few years ago, there were some riders for daily, even short, rides. Now most of them finished schools, moved out the city or work daily 9 – 5. It is rare to ride with more than two people. I hope this will change.

Jumping the biggest ste up in Poland? Easy! filip skowron

What is your typical week – how much time do you have to actual ride?

My typical day goes like this: I get up at 7:00 am I go to school, come back from it and go ride! I ride almost every day, and if I have nothing besides to do, I manages to do it for a few hours. Sometimes I work a bit in my brother’s construction industry to have my own money.

We have heard that you are really a hardworking dude. Where do you find your motivation to ride?

I do not really know, I just love to ride a bike, when stoke does not stop – progress quickly come! Sometimes I like to see a particular edit and go ride well and try tricks. Sometimes its just cool to fly on trails. I like to ride everywhere: dirt, park or street

We have been looking at you as a rider for a bit now thanks to Bartek Wolinski who always pushed your videos to us. How do you see sponsors in bike industry and do you have one? How family sees your passion?

When it comes to sponsors, a few days ago I got hooked on the Octane One team! I have new parts, I have already built the bike and I’m super happy with it! Besides O1 I do not have any sponsors. Family knows what I love to do and they have nothing against it but sometimes my mother is angry and says I should start to learn because in a year i need to graduate from High School, haha!

Classic flair. filip skowron

Can you share a little bike check with us?

Currently I have Octane One Spark frame with Marzocchi DJ 1 and 24 inch wheels. Bikechek with photos is coming soon!

What’s your plans for the next few years?

Dirt and park rat in one person - Filip. filip skowron

I want to ride as much as possible and travel because it gives me the greatest pleasure.

Will we see you at any contests this year?

For sure! I already have plans for several contests.

Do you travel often or do you ride ride locally mostly? Is it easier to catch you in Poland or abroad?

Travels come when cash agrees, haha! For now I shred only in Poland and on locally based spots.I still haven’t been abroad with a bike, but I would love to go to Barcelona with it.

Does somebody inspires you to ride?

I don’t have such a rider.

How much time do you spend actually digging spots? How do you differ time for riding and digging? Do you have any local spots?

Currently, nothing is going on with building spots. Possibly once in a while I work something out with rebuilding jumps, pulling kickers back and forward depending on my needs ect. Soon. I begin to dig a big rhythm of trails and I hope these will be cool!

Filip Skowron with a sweet clicked table. filip skowron

Did you have any big crashes?

Fortunately, nothing serious has ever happened to me. Maybe just twisting an ankle.

Any bigger video projects coming from you or just short edits like you already do?

I plan to record a bigger edit with park/dirt jumping and street use soon. I think it will be something like, welcome to the team for Octane One.

If you want to give a shout out – this is a perfect place!

I would like to thank guys from Octane One for the great parts, I already love my bike! I greet my family and all the homies! Thanks for helping me out!


Source: PlusSizeBMX.com


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