The new Melt Pump – pump it till the track melts!

Flat out with the Gridd!



While the gravel bikes are still the hype of the biking industry, not everyone is following the drop bar fad. Lot of riders, for example those who derive from mountain biking, admire the concept of a fast, rigid semi road, semi off-road bike, but the “roadie” handlebars put them off. Let’s face it – flat, wide handlebars have it’s advantages that cannot be denied.


Guys in our office, mostly mountain bikers, wanted a flat bar gravel bike from the day, we’ve started producing the “traditional” drop bar Gridd. We had no option, but to make one. So, here it is – the Gridd Flat!



What’s the bike made for? Fast and fun commuting, moving your butt around the town after work, gravel riding or even bike packing!



The Flat is built around a redesigned alloy Gridd frame set, with it’s geometry adjusted specially for the use of flat bar (longer front end, slacker head tube angle). Your power is transmitted by 1×10 drivetrain (40T chainring and 11-46 cassette) to 700C wheels with 35mm Kenda Fintrige tires.




Hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano, won’t let you down if you want to go from full speed ahead to zero. The bike’s also got all the mounting holes to fit the mudguards and racks, if you want to use the bike for bad weather commuting or bike packing.



Some numbers: the bike retails at €949, weighs 10.75kg (M size), comes in 4 sizes (from S to XL). Geometry and specification to be found here.

The OMG is here!



Here it is! The first full suspension bike from Octane One – the OMG. 

This sporty trail slayer’s heart is our brand new alloy frame built around a four-bar suspension system with Horst link. The OMG’s suspension has got very good kinematics – it’s sensitive in all the travel range but doesn’t bottom out easily

The OMG rolls on 29″ wheels and suspension from Manitou. The OMG is driven by the Shimano SLX 1×11 drivetrain and stops thanks to Shimano BR-M365 hydraulic disc brakes. Internally routed X-Fusion Manic dropper post helps to keep the balance and your jewels safe on the descents and jumps.

For RRP 1899€ you get a complete package of everything you need to beat the hell out of your favourite trails. The OMG’s are be available in 3 sizes: S, M and L. For more info about the OMG bike hit the product page . The bikes are available through our dealers and distributors network.

(de)Kode your day with Octane One!

Bikes are the best way to move you around the town. Period. You don’t need a fancy, carbon bike with dozens of gears in your commuter. All you want are: simplicity, reliability, comfort! Single speed drive train, multifunctional, beautiful steel frame, drop bar and wide rubbers are all in the Kode’s package. This is virtually everything you need to drop in to your daily rides with style! Bike to work, meet your friends, hit the party. And don’t give a single “f” about the traffic jams!


IMG_9473 web


This pure single-speeder is built around a beautiful cromoly frame & fork made from custom butted Tange steel tubes. It’s tough, light and rides like a dream. With disc brakes, beefy tires, fender and rack mounts the KODE will be great for many applications. Out of the box, this is the perfect traffic-proof urban commuter. Add fenders if you ride in the rain. Add gears and you get an awesome adventure bike. The choice is yours.


IMG_9486 web

IMG_9557 web

IMG_9510 web

IMG_9621_color web

IMG_9584_color web

The bike are be available in 3 sizes: S, M and L. For more info about the KODE bike hit the product page . The bikes are available through our dealers and distributors network.


Meet the OMG!

We just couldn’t resist the temptation of sharing you the first pictures of our new, raw baby – the OMG! The new full suspension 29-er from Octane One is still in the (advanced) development stage and will hit the market in spring 2019.

IMG_9431_ web

This sporty trail slayer’s heart is our brand new alloy frame built around a four-bar suspension system with Horst link. The OMG’s suspension has got very good kinematics – it’s sensitive in all the travel range but doesn’t bottom out easily.
IMG_9440_ web
IMG_9451 web
IMG_9458 web
IMG_9455 web
The bike will be available in 3 sizes: S, M and L. The geometry will be up to date with the “long, low and slack” mantra. Don’t be fooled by the sample bike’s specification – we plan too keep things more economic and hit the market with an RRP below €2000. That obviously doesn’t mean compromising the functionality and the fun factor of the bike (dropper post included).

IMG_9446_ web

IMG_9439_ web

Stay tuned for more info about the OMG, which will be published in the following weeks!


Grinding gravel with the Gridd!

We present to you – the GRIDD – our gravel frozen blue gravel grinder!
The GRIDD was designed by the same RnD team responsible for the award winning Rondo Ruut bikes and NS Bikes RAG+. Compact and vivid geometry (not a typical “granny bike” geo, that you can find in a lot of gravel bikes out there), 1×11 drivetrain from SRAM, fast rolling Kenda Flintridge gravel tires, disc brakes and carbon fork is all you need to ride all your favourite gravel and forest paths.

IMG_5359 web

Looking for a longer bike trip? No problem – the GRIDD got all the rack, bottle and mudguard mounts you will need, so it can be easily adapted for an adventure machine. There is also a lot of room for bigger volume tires (even 650b x 48C) if you plan to ride in rougher terrain.
If you want to know all the technical details of the GRIDD – go to the product page. The product is also available as a frame set. The GRIDD’s are available through our dealers network or our online shop!

IMG_5408 web

IMG_5414 web
IMG_5411 web
IMG_5320 web
IMG_5292 web

IMG_5410 web

Octane One bikes are back!


Octane One gets back in the bikes game! After a quite few years, we have decided to restart offering complete builds based on our tried and tested frames. We’re launching an early 2019 collection with 5 models from different biking ballparks.
First up is the 29″ wheeled trail hardtail bike – the Prone. The frame’s geometry is really playful, tough and yet “pedal friendly” so it’s a good choice for your everyday MTB to rip on your local trails. 1×10 drivetrain from Shimano/Suntour is simple and efficient and wide WTB tires will not let you down even on the rocky sections.


Secondly, the Gridd, a versatile gravel grinder. The heart of this bike is an alloy frame with carbon fork. The geometry is tight and pretty aggressive – it’s not a typical “granny bike” geo, that you can find in a lot of gravel bikes out there. 1×11 SRAM Apex drivetrain, super fast Kenda Flintrige tires and disc brakes completes the package. The frame has a lot of racks, mudguards mounting holes so you can easily transform the GRIDD into a reliable adventure machine.


The Melt is an entry level dirt jumper, based on a well known ZIRCUS frame. This bike’s got all it takes to get you hooked on the dirt jumping game: lightweight and strong aluminium frame with pro geometry tested by the FMB World Tour riders, RST DIRT fork, strong BMX cranks and rear disc brake. It can be a perfect base for later upgrade while your skills improve.


If you’re rather an urban animal, we’ve also got a bike for you. The ZOID is a fixie with a flip-flop hub, which means that it can also be used as a singe-speed. Tough and solid steel frame, barspinable fork, flat bar and fat 46C rubbers will make you rule the streets and pavements in your town!


The last, but not least – the KODE.This single-speed commuter is built around a great and versatile steel frame made from custom butted TANGE tubes. Reliable drivetrain, disc brakes and all the fender and racks mounts you can think of, make the KODE your best pal in everyday commuting.


The Octane One bikes are available through our dealers and distributors.

The GRIDD – (G)o, (R)ide (I)t (D)ay after (D)ay…

Octane One entering the drop bar game. The GRIDD is a great base to build a versatile gravel grinder or even more than that.

Gridd_3 copy

This lightweight frameset with carbon fiber fork is future proof and up to date with all the newest standards: disc brakes, thru axles, fender mounts and a lot of tire clearance (up to 700x40C). The GRIDD’s geometry is pretty tight and frisky, so it may become your sparing partner during on-road and off-road training rides. At the same time it’s comfortable enough to take you through a long bike escapades or get you to work and back home in everyday commuting (especially once the mudguards are installed). 

Gridd_1 copy

So weather you’re looking for a base to build a gravel grinder, a drop bar (like our own brand new Flare) or a flat bar commuter workhorse, bike packing machine or even a CX bike for racing a local event – the GRIDD is the frame for you! An excellent everyday, multipurpose ride.Gridd_8 copy

Gridd_5 copy

Gridd_4 copy

The GRIDD frameset comes in 4 sizes: S/M/L/XL and are available in 3 colors: black and blue and red. The KODES are available through our dealers and distributors or through our shop. For more info about the frame go here.


(de)KODE your ride!

Here’s the KODE – our brand new all-round frameset. What’s cool about it? What makes it probably the most versatile product in our offer? First of all, the material – custom butted TANGE steel tubes not only makes the frame and fork super comfortable, but also relatively lightweight (frame + fork weigh 3kg).


Thanks to the horizontal dropouts there’s almost an indefinite number of bike types that you can build around this frameset. Let’s try to name a few: fixed gear, single speed commuter, geared commuter, geared adventure bike, geared gravel bike, disc brake road bike and so on and so forth. Adding the possibility of choosing from different type of handlebars (dropped or flat), the number of options that you can go for is really vast. The geometry of the frame is pretty universal, so the position on the bike is comfortable no matter the set-up that you build.


The frame is disc brake compatible (IS standard) and the rear brake mount is adjustable, so you can move the calliper along with the wheel in the dropouts. 


The frame also features all the mounting holes that you could ever wish for: mudguards, racks, 3x bottle cage mounts. The tire clearance is big enough to take up a fat gravel or road plus tire (up to 700 x 43c or 650b x 45c). This means that you can make the KODE a perfect bikepacking workhorse and the best two-wheeled fellow traveler out there.


The frameset comes in 3 sizes: S/M/L and are available in 2 classic colors: black and white. The KODES are avalilable through our dealers and distributors or through our shop. For more info about the frame go here.


Shredding trails on the Octane One Prone!

The Prone was one of our favorite projects of this season. The versatile frame that would be a perfect base to a everyday trail allrounder. Prones are designed in line with the modern trends: low, long and slack. We decided to differentiate the geometry of 2 wheel sizes models: the 29″ with more “pedal friendly” geometry, a bit less aggressive than it’s smaller brother on 27.5″ hoops, which is also designed for more heavy duty use (for example with longer travel forks).

But don’t think that bigger wheeler can’t be used as a proper trail shredder! This guy is really “prone” for attacking berms, sending hits and descent like mad. Just have a look at one of our RnD guys – Wojtek –  riding the hell out of the Prone. Wojtek rides enduro and DH bikes on a daily basis, and was really happy with the frame’s performance in the environment usually reserved for bigger rigs. It’s really hard to intimidate the Prone. What’s important it makes the transfers between your favorite spots much more pleasurable.

If you’re looking for a all-round bike, that won’t break the bank – the Prone is a great frame to start with. Check out the frame’s spec and geometry here . They’re available in 3 sizes (S/M/L) and 3 colors. Want to get it? Try one of our dealers.