Below you can find the answers to the most common questions we receive from our Customers. Before contacting us directly via contact form please check the product description, FAQ and Warranty sections on our website.


How can I receive Octane One Stickers?

In order to get free stickers and any additional marketing materials like posters, catalogues (depending what is currently available) please send us an envelope with your return address to our main office:

Octane One – Stickers
Raciborskiego 123
80-215 Gdansk

Can I modify your products?

Our official position is NO!! We strongly discourage you from making any changes in the products for safety reasons. Remember that tampering with the products means that you are taking a big risk that the product will fail and you will hurt yourself seriously. However we won"t make artificial problems with the warranty – for example, if you cut your dropouts and the frame cracks at the headtube, we will warranty the frame. But if you cut off the cable guides, damage the tube and it cracks – then we won"t warranty that case.

My country is not listed in the Distribution section. Where can I by your products?

Do not worry. Our products are also available in the online stores in various countries which offer international shipping. If you cannot find any online store please contact us directly.

Where can I fing the wheelbuilding information for your hubs and rims?

The link to the PDF file with the current wheelbuilding info can be found at the bottom of the page.

How can I become your team rider?

We sponsor only few world class riders directly. However there is a chance of becoming our Grass Roots rider sponsored by Octane One and one of our distributors. To start with please contact our Distributor based in your country and ask him about the support.

What are the seatpost/seatclamp diameters?

Most of our products use 27.2mm seat post and 29.8mm seat post clamp. If the size it different it is clearly mentioned in the products description.

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