MTB Experiments at Turbopark in Bestwina

09 December 2013

Turbopark is a very well known spot for everyone visiting southern Poland. Pawel Turno’s course every year draws a lot of big names for various competitions, jams or simply practice sessions. This time it was Dawid Godziek who decided to come to Bestwina with the video crew to shoot new edit during a little jam.

“If you’ve got a soft landing ramp, you’ll try just about anything on a mountain bike, and these guys DO. Dawid is visiting his friend’s backyard playground – Turbopark. It’s a training facility with a set of jumps, foampit and what’s most important – a soft resibox, which makes learning new tricks much easier for everyone. Beside Dawid, there’s a lot of other riders on the occasion of a little jam comp so you can expect a lot of crazy mountain bike tricks. MTB Experiments at Turbopark in Bestwina | Dirty Spots with Godziek, Ep. 2”


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